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Why Thermomix®?

Any Meal, Any Time 

Effortlessly create gourmet meals, from soups to desserts, with the touch of a button. 

Eat Fresh & Healthy

Elevate your cooking with fresh, wholesome ingredients and prepare delicious, home-cooked meals every day.

Save Money & Time

Streamline your kitchen routine with Thermomix's multifunctional capabilities, reducing prep and cook time.

Unlimited Inspiration and Creativity

Access a world of culinary inspiration with a library of mouthwatering recipes from top chefs.

 Thermomix® is for everyone

Thermomix® for Home Cooks

Whether you’re cooking for the family, rustling up a quick and healthy meal for one or a professional chef in a commercial kitchen, you can rely on Thermomix® to help you cook smarter. Thermomix® takes the effort out of preparing tasty and healthy meals, making it easier to deliver perfect results. Whatever your skill level – whether you’re trying to make everyday dishes faster and more easily or pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of food, Thermomix® will help you to explore your potential and broaden your cooking horizons.

Thermomix® for Families

Whether your family is big or small, young or old, there is often so much going on, it can be a struggle to make time to prepare healthy home-cooked meals. As a parent, you are probably already adept at doing many things at once, but an extra pair of hands is always welcome. This is why Thermomix® is a lifesaver for busy parents who want to bring the love of good food back into their home. Thermomix® enables you to produce quality meals quickly and effortlessly for the whole family to enjoy.

Thermomix® for  Professional Chefs

In addition to being treasured by home cooks around the world, Thermomix® has become a workhorse in professional kitchens, with the majority of Michelin-starred and World Best rated restaurants using Thermomix® as their tool of choice. Thermomix® offers precise control over speed, temperatures and cooking times to ensure perfect, consistent results, time and time again. The ability to set the Thermomix® to automatically perform even delicate tasks such as preparing a crème pâtissière , beurre blanc and chocolate ganaches is an invaluable timesaver. It’s like having an extra pair of hands in your kitchen that never needs a day off!

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