Thermomix® Philippines Thermomix Philippines 2024 Kickoff Party


The Thermomix® Philippines 2024 Kick-off event was held in January 2024 in the Thermomix® Experience Center. It sets the stage for an exhilarating year ahead as Advisors from across the country gathered for a day of camaraderie, celebration, and a sneak peek into the exciting plans for 2024. The event was not just a meeting to unveil new Thermomix accessories, discuss upcoming incentives, but also a party to foster a sense of community among Thermomix® enthusiasts.

New Accessories Unveiled

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of new Thermomix® accessories that promise to elevate culinary experiences. The Blade Cover & Peeler, provides maximum efficiency with peeling of garlic, shallots, potato skins in seconds and it also expands the sous vide function with more cooking space. The CUTTER, a cutting-edge addition to the Thermomix lineup, stole the spotlight with its ability to simplify chopping and slicing tasks like never before. Furthermore, the introduction of the Sensor promises to extend the precise temperature control to the oven and BBQ grills.

Plans for 2024

The Advisors got an exclusive glimpse into Thermomix® Philippines' plans for 2024. A series of initiatives to enable our teams of advisors to skill up such as content creation, cooking classes, more Filipino recipes. We are committed to enhancing the Thermomix® Philippines experience by enabling our advisors so that they can provide a better service to our customers. With a focus on customer service that wow, we aim to make every kitchen in the Philippines a hub of creativity and efficiency.

Incentive Trips Galore

To motivate and reward its dedicated advisors, Thermomix® Philippines announced a series of incentive trips for 2024. These trips are designed not only to acknowledge the hard work of the advisors but also to provide them with unique experiences that money can’t buy. From exotic culinary journeys to breathtaking destinations, these incentive trips promise to be a source of inspiration and rejuvenation for the Thermomix® community.

Culmination in a Grand Party

As the day unfolded with exciting announcements and demonstrations of the new accessories, it culminated in a grand party. The Courtyard in the Experience Center was transformed into a magical garden with beautiful greens and lights. The party included live music, a mobile bar, and delicious food for everyone to enjoy. The guests had the opportunity to forge connections with fellow advisors who share a passion for food, cooking, and fun.

The party served as a fitting conclusion to a day filled with excitement and anticipation. It highlighted the sense of community that defines Thermomix® Philippines, where advisors, staff, and enthusiasts come together to celebrate a shared love for cooking smarter and passion for people.


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