The Multifunctional Robot that Does It All

Compact and versatile, the Thermomix® TM6 is the world’s smallest kitchen. Its novel design replaces more than 20 appliances in one—meaning you’ll have more time for the fun stuff. Discover all the TM6® functions that will transform the way you cook at home.

Discover All 16 Thermomix® Modes,
Accessible Directly on Your Screen

High Temperature

It's getting hot! For the first time, the Thermomix® TM6 can heat to 160°C. Get ready to revel in roasted aromas.

Sugar Stages

Easily create sweet treats—from confectionery and creative desserts to wonderful caramel sauces and more. So sophisticated yet simple at the same time.


An easy-peasy automatic blending function for soups and purées (max. 2000 g). The mixer starts at speed 5 and gradually increases to speed 8.


This function is a baker’s best friend. Designed to knead heavy dough (e.g. yeast dough). Max. 1000 g and 60°C.


A speedy setting designed to quickly chop tough ingredients like parmesan, chocolate, or cured ham.


With the pre-clean mode, you won’t need to lift a finger. It just takes 1–2 liters of water and a drop of dishwashing liquid or a little vinegar, and the bowl cleans itself.


This function can heat 100–1800 g of water to a temperature between 37–100°C. It's ideal for preparing tea or pasta, for example.

Slow Cook

Create delicious stews and drool-worthy meals. With this function, you can cook a maximum of 800 g of meat for 1–8 hours at a temperature between 37–98°C.

Sous Vide

For tender, juicy results. This function is for vacuum cooking meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables for up to 12 hours at a temperature between 40 and 85°C.


A mode perfect for fermenting yogurts and proofing pasta.

Rice Cooker

In addition to rice, you can use this function to easily prepare other grains (like millet or bulgur).


This function is perfect for preparing sauces and puddings. The result? Lump-free, perfectly thick sauces every time.

Egg Boiler

Too hard? Not runny enough? With this function, you can have perfect eggs—made exactly how you like them—every time.


Roasted aromas, seared meat, and sensational caramel dishes are now part of your Thermomix® TM6 creations.


Potatoes are now peeled from their skins in just a few minutes—directly in the Thermomix® mixing bowl!

Chop Tool

Chop tool, which brings the chopping and grinding cheatsheet of your Basic Cookbook direct to your Thermomix® TM6

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